Science and Religion: But What About Life?

Why do we feel compiled to explain life through concepts such as religion, atheism or science? Personal and collective influences condition us to accept, reject or conform to ideas, guidelines, and beliefs. What do the three conceptual structures have in common? They invoke separation. Moreover, this is true of most existence content. Consequently, this deters the awakening of consciousness.


There appears to be generalizations in most conceptual religions. This is the belief in the big G word. (I am reluctant to use the word because of the conditioned effect it as on people.)  Atheism, on the other hand, rejects these beliefs.  Subsequently, science offers us the mind-conceived facts. However, these have really only added more complexity to the simplicity of life. Object consciousness would surely expand easier without these mind projected influences.

There are untold thoughts and emotions relating to these and other mind structures. Each, in its own way, only contribute to confusing and manipulating us. It is a vicious cycle. The mind interprets our experiences. Thus, it becomes conditioned and likewise so do we. The magnitude of content details nurtures the mind, ego and emotions. Hence, this results in a conditioned state of existence. Not only this but, living in this unconscious state severs our connection to life energy.

Science, religion, atheism and other concepts invoke separation through thoughts, formulas, rules and beliefs. Nonetheless, individuals and collective bodies attempt to validate their existence through mind-imposed illusions. Assumptions and labels misguide us. These delusions don’t have a true reality. 

Science and Religion or Truth?  

The universe has come into existence so that it can experience itself. We can compare this to our body to illustrate. Everything in the body functions whether you are aware of it or not. Nevertheless, consciousness allows you to tune into each and every bone, organ, even cell within your inner universe.

Awareness, by the same token, has given us the opportunity to participate in the molding of the universe (inner and outer) and life itself. Science does it’s best to define life through humanly conceived values. Religion implies fear, control and the power of manipulation through believing in something to explain life. Atheism suggest it doesn’t care one way or the other.  Is one institutional practice better than the other? The answer is no. Conforming and adhering to such beliefs and guidelines, can at best, only temporarily offer false answers, happiness and enlightenment.

But,  we accept this and try to endure. Furthermore, mind-generated thought and belief patterns have remained unchanged. But, these assumptions, definitions and behavior constantly restricts the blooming of object consciousness. This really doesn’t help humankind find any real long-lasting balance and harmony. These content structures only impair our awareness to universal consciousness. We know that it is there and we feel it. But, somehow remains incomprehensible. The above-mentioned concepts, and most others, obscure the one truth that is an innate part of being. What is this truth? You are alive. Therefore, live life unrestricted.   

Wishing you a joyful day!



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