About Me

I grew up in the American northern Appalachian Mountains. There I enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of nature and life in the tranquility of country living. It was a joy for me to write poems and short stories during high school. Still, there were experiences during my youth that were difficult but have immensely enriched my understanding of life and humankind. I spent over three years practically living out of a backpack traveling from place to place, working as a farmer, convention coordinator, bartender, and DJ.

I studied Marketing and Management in the United States and later Psychology and Humanities in Europe, where I have lived for many years. This cultural diversity has nurtured and expanded my understanding of human nature and given me firsthand experiences with individuals from around the world.

It’s About Sharing the Gift of Life

My current written works are the result of an inner transformation that took place after I came to terms with the realization that life is much more than the content of our existence. I am involved in sharing, learning, and growing with others who are embracing a level of human consciousness that is attuned with universal consciousness.

I am the author of One Moment in Life, Simplicity of Life, Love Will Show You the Way and Stepping Stones on the Pathway Home: A Guide to Conscious Living. These books and this blog website are about topics in spirituality, existentialism, and living consciously. Additionally, I write weekly articles on social media platforms and occasionally on various other websites. I am dedicated to exploring a universal knowledge that is innately known to everyone. My writing and teachings provide stepping stones for people who are consciously awakening and have started the inward journey home. I have many book manuscript projects planned in diverse genres over the next few years, including spirituality, self-help, poetry, children’s fiction, science fiction, and nonfiction.

The following link is a Q&A section about my childhood and other experiences.

Questions and Answers

My contact information:

Email: info(at)steveleasock(dot)com
Facebook: sleasock
Twitter: @SteveLeasock

On a More Personal Note

My intentions are not to express favoritism or criticism for or against any religion, collective organization, culture, person or people. My wish is to share our understanding of the deep innate sense of conscious being that is within everyone. This dimension is beyond the mind, emotions and human content structures. Additionally, I am hopeful that our sharing experiences will provide stepping stones to conscious living. I would be honored to know that my written works have benefited you in some way on this inner journey. There is a field of energy beyond mind and body called life that pulsates with active consciousness. This is a space of oneness that we all share.