Creation Is a Partnership with Life

Let’s reflect on the following insight. Creation is ongoing. Furthermore, there is an unmanifested dimension that surrounds and penetrates everything. We can refer to this field as a playground. It has the potential to create anything. It’s essence is pure energy. Moreover, a conscious being can influence these flowing frequencies. Thus, it is your playground.


Therefore, logically this is the initial starting point for anything that manifests. Here everything is flowing and vibrating. This is in response to object energy and likewise the energy that has always been there. Hence, the creation of any given manifestation is a partnership between you and its source. Here, we should consider that this source is also our beginning without an end.  This means that our absence, as an object, will not deplete it.

The Creator of Creation

Will you, the object, arrive and fade away? Will you, the person, live and die? Yes. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to experience creation and realize the totality. What does this imply? Active awareness in a state of presence opens a doorway to the universal self. Likewise, we can say it this way. You are the creation that is creating the creator. This insight my not seem plausible when it is first read. You (mind) may not want to accept this observation.

However, it is the mind that wants to define something that needs no definitions. Do you recall my recent article about conscious awakening? I had shared ideas about the voice of universe intelligence. It is always in the background of our activities. It is this voice (conscious life energy) that will assure you of your role in the creation of all experiences. However, presence is necessary to focus on the universal intelligence.

The key to living consciously is in realizing that what you are experiencing is the result of your creation. Likewise, this partnership with yourself (conscious life energy) will seem to change everything. However, everything doesn’t really change. Rather, how you observe yourself (everything) changes. The mind will think that this sounds crazy. However, the voice of universal intelligence within you, this being your true self, understands and knows.

Wishing you a nice day!


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