Reason for Being: Realizing your Significance

The human mind conjures up countless reasons to validate our subsistence. Do we truly belief that there is a reason for our existence? Let’s reword this and ask if there is truly an explanation for our existence other than to be? Does the mind assume there must be a reason for being? Otherwise, we could not be here now if we did not exist. Here, within and beyond these words, is the portal to enlightenment.

You are here now and that is all that is necessary to be here now.


We can naturally find many pliable mind-made reasons for being. These sound great, relatively speaking, but what about ultimately? Furthermore, the mind is very clever. It will simply make up a reason (excuse) for being. The mind thrives on complexity. This has been accumulating over tens of thousands of years. We have been in an unconscious sleep. Nevertheless, the mind tricks us into thinking that we are conscious aware; but ultimately this is not true.

A flower has no reason to Be…and Yet

There is no other true reason for being other than to live in a state of presence during this blink of an eye that we call the now. Whatever this moment holds, damn the torpedoes and what is…is. This is when our entire existence transpires. Furthermore, the moment is enlightening when we are aware of it. That’s it. There is nothing more needed. Realizing this would give us access to everything. We would experience the unmanifested dimension of life conscious energy. Likewise, this acknowledgement would give us clarity. Here, within this simplicity, it would be possible to understand what we are the reason for being.

You deeply and innately know the reason for being. Your state of awareness decides what form each moment will take. This either conforms to human content illusions or expands from human consciousness to life oneness consciousness. We could call this a “reason for being” but why should we? Experiencing it is enough, labeling it is overkill.

Best wishes






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