Magic Lamp of Worry or Joy

Would you like to have a magic lamp? Of course, almost everyone has this wish. Our imagination runs wild because of the many possibilities. Did this creative fantasy spark the idea for the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp? Who knows? Still, astonishing as it sounds, the magic is in you. And, you are the lamp, figuratively speaking.


Firstly, please open your imagination to the ideas I share with you. The mysterious magic that everyone has is one and the same. Additionally, there is something to clarify. You can worry, be happy or whatever you want or wish. Ultimately, these thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with the magic in you. Does this confuse you? Well, let’s shed light on the origin of this magical something in you. The magic is as old as the universe. Equally, this marvelous mystery is as new as this moment.  Don’t despair and continue to read. Your bewilderment will hopefully shift to awe.  Don’t worry. Living consciously is getting easier and easier because you are awake and aware.

The vision of a lamp represents your state of being. And the magical energy of presence is inside. Your awareness or lack of awareness determines if the magic will flow or not. Similarly, you determine the contents of your state of being. Yes, presence is constant. But, presence is nothing for us without awareness to it.

So, What Is the Magic Within you?

I can give you a personal experience to illustrate the difference between consciously living or mind-influenced living. I cut my hair a few days ago. There is a small wooden cabinet in my bathroom with two shelves. There is a jar of hair wax on the top shelve. So, there I was in the flow and aware of the moment. Accordingly, this means that thoughts, feelings, and my surroundings where secondary. Whereas, the presence of being was primary.

Thus, I waxed and styled my hair. Afterward, I placed the hair wax jar on the bottom shelve. But, this was too much for the mind. As a result, it screamed out. What are you doing? The mind insisted that the hair wax belongs on the top shelve. Fortunately, I was consciously aware of the mind’s activities. Otherwise, the mind would have drawn me into its drama of thoughts and feelings about an insignificant situation. (Ultimately, the details, thoughts, and feelings about everything are insignificant.) I let the hair wax jar on the bottom shelve and simply laughed at the mind’s behavior.

Practice Being Aware of the Magic

Do you see the sign post that the above example offers you? My mind’s opinion about the hair wax jar means nothing. Likewise, even my conscious state of awareness to the mind’s activities means nothing. This might first seem strange to you and even confusing. After all, don’t we wish to live in a state of conscious awareness? Yes, of course, But, please allow me to explain.

The experience of presence without any additives is the sign post to conscious enlightenment awareness. My mind’s thoughts, more specifically, my attention to these thoughts caused a restriction in the flow of presence. Hence, I shifted from being the moment (presence) to being the details within the moment (thoughts, feelings, and situations). Do you understand the difference? We can sum up this article with one sentence.

“Don’t think too much about thinking and don’t feel too much about feelings.”


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