Talk, Talk, Talk, the Mind Never Stops

This article offers helpful stepping stones during the shift from the conditioned mind to conscious living. Have you truly awakened to consciousness? Be honest with yourself. This is not a trick question. How can you determine your conscious state of awareness to consciousness? And no, you have not necessarily awakened to consciousness just because the mind tells you that you are awake. Does it often seem that you and the mind talk to each other?


Well, how you answer this question is a useful stepping stone to determine your conscious awareness. Therefore, first let’s look at the path of stepping stones to conscious living. The following three jumping-off points can serve as an overview of the conscious awakening process.

Stepping Stone One: You unconsciously live life. Thus, you seldom experience your true state of being in each moment. Therefore, you live on auto-pilot flying through life without really living.

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Are you familiar with this phrase? The phrase suggests that just because you say something doesn’t necessarily mean anything until you do something.  Therefore, let’s use this to illustrate the typical relationship the majority of people have with the mind. This type of behavior happens when you are no living in presence. Therefore, begin to observe if and how you interact with the mind. This allows you to experience spaciousness in your experiences. Hence, you sense the purer clarity that is accessible beyond thoughts and interpretations.

Stepping Stone Two: Your aware state of being manifests consciousness from your inner universe into the outer universe. Hence, you become more and more aware of the mind’s behavior. Acknowledge the mind’s activities. It is likely that you begin to notice conversations with the mind. But, don’t let this interaction confuse you. You (conscious awareness) are not in a dialogue with the mind. Instead, the mind is, and has always been, in a conversation with itself. Thus, you begin to realize that you are simply the conscious observer of the mind. Your conscious awakening becomes obvious when you realize that the mind is always in a self-dialogue. And remember, the mind will continually try to pull you into its one-sided conversation. Practice observing the mind, be awareness, and just say no to the mind’s conversations. 

Stepping Stone Three: Now you are aware of consciousness without the need to be aware of presence. This is because you are presence and you deeply accept this moment, in whatever form. So, what does this mean? You realize that everything is temporary except your state of being (presence). You are still in this world of mind-made illusions. But, you are not of the mind, the world or the minds reality. You will find the next sentence quite strange to read. But, thoughts and feelings are not the true nature of your conscious being. Just ask Spock from Star Trek. 😊 He knows the benefits of conscious living in the here and now.

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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