Stepping Stones of the Pathway Home

Booklet on Conscious Living

My hope and wish are that you are well and experiencing a nice day. I will soon publish a booklet. The book offers guidelines that serve as stepping stones during your awakening to consciousness.

Stepping Stones of the Pathway Home

The booklet shares insight that can be useful as a daily reminder for you. Your life experience is changing from mind to consciousness.  This book can help you to focus on this awakening process. And, it will surprise you to experience shorter and shorter intervals between moments of awakened consciousness.

Simply said, you can use one booklet paragraph a day as a conscious awakening focus point. Accordingly, you can apply the insight to any given situation when you are actively aware of your state of being.

Use this Booklet as a Guide to Conscious Living

Additionally, you can carry the small book (Kindle or paperback) with you during daily activities. Thus, when have a handy reference guide in a moment of awareness. There, within the ideas offered, you might discover something that expands your state of conscious awareness. Hence, this adjusts your focus perception from mind to conscious presence. 

There is one conscious stepping stone per page. As well, with a picture and or quote from myself or sages from throughout our history. The book will probably cost between two to five dollars, depending on the currency of your country.

I appreciate your feedback about the booklet. Write me an email if you have something to share. Thank you.

People are awakening to the magical playground called consciousness. You will know when this happens. Therefore, just allow yourself to live and observe yourself in relation to everything. It is frightening at first and feels strange. Embrace the knowledge of living and of consciousness. Instead of mentally running from it. Your immediate state of being and the universe around you will transform into a field of unified serenity. We are not truly individual entities in a vast universe. Instead, we are together in one state of being.

I wish you happiness, health, and fulfillment in all you experience.

P.S. The booklet title will probably change before publication.

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