The Air That I Breathe

You are the essence of spring.
Your smile shines like the sun after the rain.
This warmth and beauty highlight the magnificence of life.
Your laughter is a symphony.
Pure and so alive.
Everyone must only deeply listen to understand.
Unfortunately, there are still but a few that become aware.
Your eyes shine brighter than the stars.
Each is heavenly blazing and dancing.
It is as pleasingly as a dream.
Your innocence shines forth with a wisp of wisdom.
You intoxicate all with your presence.
Thus, this reveals the bliss of life.
You are precious… like the air I breathe.


Look there. A tree blossoms before your eyes. Now breathe deeply and allow the tree to reach out to you. It is inviting you to lead the dance of life. Each limb and leaf are pulsating with universal life energy. Furthermore, your awareness stimulates this energy You decide the manifestation and rhythm of the dance. Life, more accurately, the universe eagerly vibrates to the energy you manifest through the inner universe. 

Each person is the manifestation of springtime through the life energy we share. As is true for all experiences. Yes, people forget. And, then there is misunderstanding, frustration, anger and fear. Nevertheless, everything shares a universality through the presence of being. Therefore, let life flow as you continue on a path of inner self-discovery. Consciousness, life and unconditionally living go hand in hand.

How to Consciously Breathe and Let Life Flow 

Become more aware of the natural flow of universal life energy. Awareness is something you are and not something you do. Unquestionably, just beyond the boundaries of thought, emotions and other mind restrictions, there is a continual flow of unmanifested energy. So, your practice is to consciously live within this flow of unmanifested possibilities.  This, in turn, allows consciousness to expand. Thus, the universe becomes more and more aware of itself through you. And vice versa.

Embracing everything each day opens space in any experience. Follow this with a clear understanding that you must not attach yourself to the details of any experience. Deep within you, and suppressed by the mind, is something much more than what the mind can conceive. Your very presence confirms this fact. Nevertheless, the mind will never comprehend the simply act of you being you. However, a conscious state of being does not mean that you will not become ill. It does not imply that this human form will not encounter difficulty and pain. Being does not suggest that you receive a paradise that the mind thinks it deserves and is so desperate to find. Being is simply that; it is. Thus, unconditional consciousness is the act of aware beingness.


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