Togetherness within the Totality of Life

The key to living in harmony with life is based on togetherness. It goes hand in hand with object existence and consciousness. What is togetherness? This is not the superficial act of being together with other people and things in the universe. Still, the sheer inseparable nature of existence is oneness. Everything is essentially and ultimately absolute.


But, our emotions, conditioned behavior, and ego induces separation. This causes blockage in the natural flow of universal energy. This, in turn, causes an imbalance in our localized field of object consciousness. We know that there is a natural frequency of life. But, it seems difficult to find and more so to remain in the flow. What this frequency consist of is secondary. The splendor lies in consciously observing this frequency. It is essential to understand the significance of true togetherness that is within this dimension. Eckhart Tolle refers to something similar to this in his book “Realizing the Power of Now”.

This energy is always flowing and manifestation in each moment. The dynamics of this movement is one. Any mind-made attempt to define or control it results in a self-imposed separation.  This is never really possible but the mind is manipulative. This forces a division of this frequency into various sub-frequencies. Still these are essentially part of the one universal life energy. You, me and every object has the potential to live and become aware. All things are one at the sub-atomic level.  

Togetherness Is Universal

Object forms will differ. Nonetheless, the manifestation of conscious energy validates oneness.  This togetherness is at the universal absolute level. The essence remains the same but the objects vary. This does not imply reincarnation. Only object based material comes and goes. The core essence of life universality is everlasting. It may be possible to acknowledge past, present and future as one experience. This could occur when we have released the minds hold on how our reality unfolds.

We can call this an experience in the totality of everything. Togetherness within the totality is to be aware of the I in everything. This state of presence is in a rock, a tree and your neighbor. You essentially are also the person next to you. This is the person that you just called an idiot or meathead. Innately, you sense that you are also this person deep down and beyond the labels. This insight may help to overcome many human imposed inflections on our existence. Thus, we create space in the dimension of togetherness=totality. Ailments such as conflict and loneliness may eventually disappear.

Acknowledging Togetherness

Logically, one can never be lonely. This is not possible. Conflicts between the me (mind), other people, and objects will lessen and fade away. Conflict or resistance occurs only when you resist or struggle against universal energy. The day may come when our awakened object/self- consciousness will no longer see a person, tree or bee as something that is separate or a threat.  

How do we reach real togetherness? This is possible through awareness of life and less of mind details. Moreover, this awakening to universal life consciousness will reconnect you universally with other people and objects. You will realize a presence in all things and know it is the one being of life energy. This is essentially the totality of consciousness.

Best wishes


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