Intelligence Within the Act of Being

Life: What is it? And, where do we find love? These are questions that we always ask. But, our object illusions are primarily responsible for integrating falsehood into our existence. The delusions we have placed on our existence engulf all factors of our experiences. It is not your purpose to define life or love. Instead, simply experience your beingness through awareness to consciousness.  In other words, wake up! There is an intelligence within you that innately knows the truth of your being without needing to search.


What is this intelligence? Firstly, I ask that you don’t put energy and effort into labeling what I have written. Secondly, this mysterious something within and surrounding you is not supernatural and not a god. Therefore, simply observe the depth of the inner universe as a space that resonates with common sense. However, please do not minimize the depth and magnitude of this inner dimension. And, we should not define the act of this observation from a standpoint of our worldly activities. The common sense within you is of universal proportion and brilliance. And, your true essence flows from a pool of unconditional beingness that is indifferent to mind details and interactions.

Ultimate Universal Intelligence and You

There, within you is an absolute intelligence that is also within everything. Its essence is energy. Whether manifested or unmanifested energy, this is of no difference. Additionally, there is an enlightenment already there within you that we know as universal consciousness. The unrestricted and active awareness to your beingness, here and now, opens the portal to this illumination.

Acknowledge consciousness as being more than the mind. This awakening process demolishes falsely constructed obstacles. These hindrances are strictly mind-made and often completely block our awareness to consciousness. Every person has the potential to realize the universal intelligence within. Thoughts, beliefs, or another person will never be able to unite you with the one true essence. (You, as seen from standpoint of the mind.) Simply be the enlightenment that you search. Being is enough when you practice aware beingness beyond mind manipulations.


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