Beingness Includes Being Human

Existentially speaking, we cannot avoid being human. Nevertheless, the essence of our being is universal. Furthermore, this beingness is within all objects. Therefore, a see-saw effect between being human and universal beingness causes us to forget. And, this results in a daily no win – no win existence dilemma.


People usually, without realizing it, reject and wish to avoid the part of our being that is human. This is evident in the manner by which people experience living. Evolution aka, classic conditioning syndrome causes us to take sides. The majority of people think they are human and must reach for absolution through beliefs. Countless dogmas remain prevalent due to a side-effect resulting from the above-mentioned existence dilemma.

The mind obstructs conscious clarity.  Equally, the minds’ search for fulfillment, balance and bliss, blocks our awareness to universal beingness. This imbalance causes separation and fear to dominate/contaminate how we interact with ourselves, others and living life.

Beingness Without Mind Restrictions

This conditioning behaviorism causes unhappiness and frustration. Thus, many people are resentful of our human nature.  As a result, people often interpret themselves as not good enough or incomplete. Thus, there is a need to search for something the mind tells us is missing. To put it another way, we exist as a human being without really knowing what it means to be human.

Therefore, people disregard their universal essence as a being that is capable of conscious awareness to its own beingness. Therefore, remain aware of your being here and now as a manifestation of beingness that is temporarily a human. Deeply realize the act of being as nothing and everything when you practice non-attachment to the details of living. The mind details of any moment must not change to give you peacefulness. However, conscious awareness to your presence here and now releases the minds’ hold on the act of being. This will result in pure conscious bliss shining through into more of your experiences. 


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