Living Is to Be Alive: Start Now!

Living is so much more than the methods and concepts of the mind. Still, the mind can be useful in the experience of life. This is to say, when we use it wisely. I recently read and viewed inspirational stories of individuals. These people, of all ages, have overcome mental and physical hardships to rise above all expectations. This caused me to repeatedly (non-stop) cry as I reflected on how marvelous it is to be a human being. Not to mention, the beauty of living and consciously knowing that we are alive. We are.


Yet, there is a flip side. We still argue, fight and kill each other as well as initiate unthinkable acts on ourselves, others and the world. All of which are primarily based on unconsciousness. It seems such a terrible waste; although I realize that this behavior originates in our evolution.

Living Beyond the Mind

The question I have is simple. Are we ready to stop this insidious mind game? We are conscious beings that have the capability to choose. The behavioral tendencies of a million years are strong. But, our conscious presence has the potential to be wiser, without needing to be stronger.

The universe and life are vast but the brain is small. Therefore, acknowledge the mind but experience life outside of your head.

We are beings that have the potential to be divine. This is possible through the simple acknowledgement of being and choosing to be benevolent. The mind, or better said, our conditioned behavior is our master only because we choose slavery instead of freedom. All objects, all that is, is divine in nature simply through being. Have you every truly acknowledged the splendor of living and realized the influence you have on everything? Try this for just one moment and smile as you comprehend that this moment is an eternity

I wish you a gratifying day and hope that you are safe and well.


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