Non-attachment Gives Us Universal Freedom

The world is changing. You, me, everyone, and everything are changing. It often seems too much. We spin in circles but don’t seem to move. Likewise, silence and equilibrium seem to remain just out of reach. Oh, there are brief seconds of tranquility. And, we experience a moment of blissful harmony on occasion. Still, our desire is to live enlightened in life. Well, guess what? Living in harmony and balance is possible through the practice of non-attachment.


Does tiredness, anxiety, and even fear plague you each day? Does it seem that everything is too much? Stop being the puppet and reclaim your birthright as a being of universal proportion. Practice embracing the pulse of life that flows through you. Yes, life energy manifests through you. However, this does not mean that you will not encounter difficulties. There will be health problems and other issues. After all, the body is impermanent. Furthermore, these situations are details of living but are not life. You can be the bliss that you seek. Just let go and be.

Non-attachment Is the Gateway to Equanimity

How does realizing that you are life and not the details of living help in daily activities? Firstly, you will begin to easily move beyond any situation as it unfolds. We can refer to this as remaining in a space of non-attachment. Equally, this means that living life becomes primary and temporary living details secondary.  This does not mean that the quality of life will get worse. On the contrary, life will flow freely without mind manipulations and restrictions. Moreover, the space provided through non-attachment will nurture awareness to what and why things manifest as they do.

Nevertheless, remaining non-attached often seems impossible. But, please consider what you are actually attaching yourself to in any moment. Attachment is a concept of the mind. On the other hand, non-attachment is without mind, thoughts, or emotions. We have reflected on this topic in a recent discussion about detachment and non-attachment. Let’s go an additional step on the path of conscious awakening. You can live life in a state of conscious being in each ever-lasting moment. And, it is easier to experience as what the mind tells you. So, let’s discuss more about this in an upcoming article. We will reflect on living in a state of equanimity. (I love to say this word. It poetically flows through the mind’s thought congestion without restrictions and rolls gracefully over the lips.) 😊

Wishing you a joyful and safe day!


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