The Key to Living Is in Your Hand

There is a key to allowing life and love to flow unrestricted. Acceptance is the doorway to this universal flow. But, unconditional love will remain bound by these restrictions until we are willing to step beyond them. The mind attempts to instill boundaries on love and life itself. This could explain why we remain mostly in a state of conflict throughout our existence, both personally and collectively. But, the conflict is only within us. Conflict does not come from the universe or life. And, we and only we are responsible for our experience of life and love. Your choices are either unconsciously or consciously made.  


A state of consciousness is significant whereby acknowledging unconditional love is the key. We are always within an energy field that has the potential to be conscious. But it is necessary to be aware of pure consciousness. Equally, this is true for love. Our level of awareness strengthens love as a component of life. The initial spark that generates love into the universe is pure. But, we become preoccupied with the diversity of our self-imposed detail existence.

Turn the Key of Life and Discover Love

Many situations throughout our history suggest an egoistic understanding of love. We are not the only life-form that experiences love mannerisms. But, self-awareness allows countless possibilities to express love. Simply said, we are aware that we can love. This is due to our state of evolution. And, specifically our state of object consciousness evolution. Evolution and self-awareness may sound really wonderful. It might make us feel superior. Our species traits can, however, prove to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Furthermore, mind intelligence encourages curiosity. These needs and demands insist that we ask questions. The driving force behind most questions is to determine a reason or purpose. The purpose of questioning is to determine the purpose of a situation, person, or cause and effect. At least, this is what the brain convinces us. This pattern is typical for most questions that we have about existence and life. The history of humankind is full of people asking questions. Thus, assumptions, beliefs and belief structures interfere greatly by projecting falsities. These thoughts and labels conceal the natural flow of life and love. Thus, we overlook the true self of our beingness.

I wish you a joyful day


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