Observation of Mind and Body

Observation of your level of awareness to any experience allows conscious awakening and expansion. There are many temporary superficialities that overwhelm and even restrict conscious awareness. Again, and again, something happens to us. And, we react to everything based on mind interjection. Let’s use respect for ourselves and others as an example. Society teaches us to respect ourselves and people, regardless of the behavior. Nevertheless, I suggest for you not to focus on respecting yourself and other people. I realize that this seems harsh. And, is contrary to everything the mind tells you. Nonetheless, please, give me a moment to expand on this suggestion. Let’s face the facts. We do not always respect ourselves and others. Consequently, the demands placed on us by such taught and conditioned behavior give us anxiety and frustration. This is because we usually unconsciously interact with only the superficialities of living.


Therefore, we center our unconscious focus on a thought, feeling, situation or person. Thus, we only experience the temporary interactions. But, isn’t there something beyond and deeper than what the mind tells you about something? Yes, that’s right. You feel something very serene in the background of any given experience. Nevertheless, you disregard this blissful calmness because you think it is unreachable. Or, is it?

Observation of Your Inner Universe Changes Everything

Accordingly, our practice is to acknowledge the possibilities within this stillness. Ultimately, our practice is to honor and respect the potentials of this void of stillness that is within everything. Don’t let words or terms confuse you. That place of stillness beyond mind and body is simply a realm of unmanifested universal energy that is readily available. 

So, how do we practice living within this universal energy flow? Exercise conscious active observation during resentment, discomfort or lack of respect to yourself or others. Thus, focus on the aware presence that flows through everything instead of unconsciously reacting to a thought, feeling or person. Conscious awareness to your state of beingness insures clarity as you experience life from within stillness. You are presence. Therefore, practice the realization that thinking about living life every day is not the same as just living life.

The observation of your mind and body offers clarity when you remain unattached from thoughts and feelings about how you live life.


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