Shut Up and Just Live

Be defiant in your approach to living life in a state of aware presence. Your mind always speaks to you, day and night. However, 99 percent of the mind’s dialog is useless and insignificant to fully living in this moment. Therefore, let your mind know that enough is enough. Tell your mind, straightaway, to shut up so that you can experience living life, firsthand. This exercise might seem silly. Therefore, I suggest that you review everything that you can remember that the mind told you today. Then, ask yourself what is more ridiculous. You telling the mind to shut up and stop interfering with your experience of life. Or, is it sillier to continue listen, believing and reacting to everything the mind tells you?


Please consider these questions deeply and consciously before you disregarding it for nonsense. The exercise is a practice that allows a clear observation of the mind’s activities. Nevertheless, the mind will first continue to insert dominance over you through a train of never-ending thoughts. Thus, the bottom line is for you to recognize that the majority of thoughts are unnecessary. You don’t need these as much as the mind tells you. Therefore, let thoughts come and go. And, on occasion tell your mind to shut up.

Shut up and Just Be within the Beingness of Life

Express the act of living as you wish and use this mantra in daily situations. You can tell the mind to shut up and just live or to remain silent and just be. Either is fine. This exercise is a type of shock therapy to reset the balance. However, understand that you should also practice non-attachment and non-dependency to thoughts during the process. Telling the mind to shut up does not suggest that the mind should stop thinking. 

It is you, as a conscious presence, that needs this statement as shock therapy. Thus, you awaken awareness to the mind’s activities. Typically, the mind overrides the human state of conscious beingness. But, dominance through mind details must not continue as our primary behavior pattern. And, such exercises, as stepping stones, are beneficial during the shift from mind to conscious living. Thus, behavior and interaction with life will alter step by step as we assert conscious beingness into our experiences.

The mind intensifies any given situation with energy. Both, mental and bodily energy frequencies are dominant in our interactions. Let’s use the following analogy to illustrate this insight. Mind dominance always adds fuel to a rampaging fire of thoughts. However, this fire is strictly a creation of the mind. Thus, and obviously, only exists in the mind. Do you choose to listen and belief what these thoughts tell you? If yes, then these thought fire alarm signals will distract you again and again. Hence, this act of unawareness restricts the flow of conscious energy. So, an unaware person either constantly chases after or runs away from each thought. The mind generates thought after thought. But, the majority of these thoughts are insignificant.


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