Honorable Intentions can Offer Clarity in Life

It is not easy to be honorable in a world that seems so unfair. Situations initiate memories and conditioned behavior. Fear is one, among many, thoughts and emotions that overshadow our life experience.  Thought density obscures the vast clarity found within presence. Nonetheless, consciousness via presence is available in each moment. However, the mind details of any given moment obstruct conscious clarity. Thus, the mind convinces us that we are our thoughts. Accordingly, we project our state of being onto specific thoughts and mind details.


The mind dominates and reacts. And, the mind bases reactions solely on conditioning. Thus, the mind basically contaminates the purity and clarity of presence.  A person can feel the nature flow of life manifesting through the body and all objects. We could say that this, in its essence, allows us to respond to life in an honorable manner. This is the natural harmony between an object and life. But, we have temporarily forgotten.

Accordingly, what usually happens in situations? We generally follow the minds lead and react from conditioned thought and emotional factors. Whereas, consciously observing and responding to life would benefit our experience of presence. Reacting is mind. Responding is conscious awareness. Pure being is an energy field without the need for interpretation or definition. We can contemplatively consider that everything has the purity of conscious nature within it. Everything is and then somehow it becomes scrutinized by mind behavior. We judge, interpret, and define. This is our mind-generated nature. Thus, it is difficult to maintain an honorable rapport with life on a conscious level.

 Honorable Steps Toward Conscious Awareness

So, does conditioned behavior initiate separation in our interaction with the purity of consciousness and life? Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778) wrote that humankind is naturally good but eventually corrupted by society. I have not extensively read any of his written works. But, his viewpoint on politics often motivated his writing. Nevertheless, he also shares insight relating to conscious awareness. His ideas offer stepping stones for us on our inner journey.

Rousseau says that human-made evil is separate from divine providence. Enquire no longer, man is the author of evil; behold him in yourself. There exists no other evil in nature than what you either do or suffer… in the system of nature I see an established order which is never disturbed.

Simply said, humankind needs to harmonize with the natural flow, not attempt to dominate it. Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in his dissertation.

 …man is discontented with anything in its natural state and claims that everything degenerates in his hand…he mutilates his dogs, his horses and his slaves; he defaces, he confounds.

This could suggest that we attempt to be worthy.  However, we disregard the natural universal flow. Thus, we fall victim to the mind as well as personal and social influences. Rousseau also wrote the following.

Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.

P.S. This article offers a sneak peek (page 281) from my third book. Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance. Here is a link from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy about Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  


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