Edge of Forever Is Where Life Begins

A Fear of falling prevent us from nurturing the desire to let go of the minds conditioning. This anxiety happens as a person senses the edge between mind and consciousness. The mind overshadows this boundary. And, this restricts conscious development. Mental patterns and conditioned behavior often block access to a spacious presence we call consciousness.


The practice of going beyond this mind-made edge is beneficial to releasing the fear of falling.  Realize that consciousness is energy and it is constant. Your awareness stimulates this energy. Thus, the practice of conscious awareness frees the pathway between mind, object consciousness and universal consciousness. Many people read about the practice of not thinking or stop thinking to reach enlightenment. As a result, these phrases cause the majority of people frustration. Why? Because it is impossible for the mind to stop the process of thinking.  May I suggest the practice of simple meditative exercises consisting of beyond the mind experiences? Equally, you can practice going beyond the mind during a moment of stillness. I will write more about this in an upcoming article.

Consciously Step Beyond the Edge and Totally Live Life

The fear of this boundary between mental and conscious existence is conditional.  Therefore, this barrier is only as formidable as you make it. It is a choice. Please reflect on the following insight. You choose how to live. Mind details distract you from the simplicity of choosing. Nevertheless, you choose to mentally or consciously live in each moment. So, what will you choose? Will you live life strictly from the mind? Or, will you focus on living in presence? Consciousness is here and active awareness is the key to this realm.

Yes, you fear letting go. This is because simply living to live, without reasons, frightens the mind. And, the mind gladly passes this fear onto you. Still, we innately sense that there is nothing to fear beyond the edge of the mind’s reality. But, letting go seems so difficult.  There is a desire to simply free-fall. But, a conditioned mind holds us back.

A person will usually experience brief intervals of free-falling. This becomes obvious in a moment of total acceptance without attachments. However, it is usually difficult for someone to just go with the flow of life.  How can we increase our awareness to the conscious spaciousness beyond the mind? It is much simpler than you think. Just let go when you experience a moment of conscious awareness. Flow with life and see what happens. You do this simply by letting everything be. Of course, you must take responsibility for your state of being. Remember that mental patterns and conditioned behavior are conditional. Therefore, it is possible for you to consciously observe the mind. And, this observation initiates a change in how you experience life on the edge of forever.

Wishing you a happy and safe day


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