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Nike Wisdom: Just Do It

The act of thinking can cause us to detour away from consciousness. Likewise, this can be very manipulative and restrictive. You are alive! Living is primarily about being. Obviously, we do not really need to think about living. This discussion is an extension of the recent article Restrictions of Life and love. This long-running (no pun intended) Nike tennis shoe commercial offers us a universal wisdom of living.

Nike wisdom

The company’s philosophy is “Just Do It”. Nike naturally wants to promote the sale of shoes. Still, the simplicity of this insight is profound in regards to existence. Likewise, this wisdom can be very beneficial in our conscious awakening process. Also, living becomes simplified when we just do it (just allow it). Yet, additionally, there is something for us to consider. To simply be and to allow does not necessarily imply doing anything. Presence implies doing through the simple act of being.

Wisdom of Universal Intelligence

Moreover, this gives us space to be conscious. We will realize that not doing anything allows everything to be done. This is something the mind cannot understand. Therefore, it will attempt to make this into a thought concept. None of which are needed to be present and to live. We can call this state of being a living without the mind moment. Similarly, the portal to this dimension is always open. The wisdom of universal intelligence is a constant. Nevertheless, the acceptance of our unification with it, is our choice.

Access to this realm is always possible. Whereas, conditioned evolution will cause the mind to distract you. Don’t let this discourage you. Here also it is not necessary to do anything. Rather, just be and allow. You will become aware of everything flowing naturally. Being is enough. Thinking, in excess, about living is overkill. Hence, the details of our object existence will lose their importance. These will come and go. You know that you are alive. Likewise, you are much more than the shell through which your true essence manifests. You are. Therein, lies all possibilities.

Wishing you a joyful day!

Nike wisdom

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