Thoughts about Thinking Can Hurt You

You think too much. It seems that you are always thinking. Meanwhile the process of conscious awakening as begun. But you still can’t stop thinking. Friends, books, and spiritual teachers tell you to stop thinking. And still the thoughts rattle around in your head. You try to meditate. Enlightenment is your wish. However, trying to stop thinking only causes you to think more. Oh, the misery! These excessive thoughts are dreadful.


What can you do? How do you stop thinking? The first two conscious steps correlate directly to these questions. First step. Practice “doing” less. Thus, you will automatically do more and be more. Second step. Realize deeply that you can’t stop thinking. No one can stop thoughts. They are the result of a thinking process. The brain is a biological organ. Sadhguru once said that trying to stop thinking is like telling you liver or pancreas to stop working (paraphrase). This is something we can’t and don’t wish to stop.

Therefore, accept that the brain thinks. But please recognize that you must not think. No, I am not trying to trick you. I am also not suggesting that you try to stop thinking. Because you can’t. The mind is processing. Thoughts are moving. Whether you think or not, on the other hand, is a choice. Thinking about thinking causes distractions. Hence, it will be impossible to experience the space of conscious living. Any attempt to stop thinking by using the mind will only cause attachment and conflict.

Don’t Try to Be the Thoughts in Your Head

Many people become frustrated, angry and even depressed by trying not to think. Moreover, a person (the mind) misinterprets the phrase “stop thinking”. So, he or she will literally try to stop brain activity relating to thinking. Naturally this is impossible. This, in turn, becomes very annoying. Especially for someone that has recently awakened to consciously living.

You are not your thoughts. Use the following mantra daily. I am not my thoughts. Therefore, it is not necessary to attach yourself to them. Practice allowing the mind to think. While you remain detached from 99% of the brain’s activities. What about the remaining 1 percent? This is the focus point of your conscious awareness.

Wishing you a nice day!


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