Fix yourself and Change the Universe

We love to fix things. But the following insight is about much more than solutions to so-called problems. Please slowly read the following sentence. Everything reflects the inner universe. Is this accurate? Observe the mind. Does your reality consist of mind-made fabrications? Or is there a space of clarity surrounding daily experiences? Choosing one or the other determines what will manifest.  Observation of the mind is the first step to the awakening consciousness transformation.


Are you unhappy or even angry at yourself, others, and the world? Do you want to fix something? If yes, then it is likely that the mind thinks outside forces are causing problems. Please don’t let this confuse you. Of course, there are things that need repair or adjustments. We must repair a flat tire. Or replace a broken window. These are conditions of our existence. And are superficial. However, what about you? Have you every looked deep within?

Fix the Inner Universe

There is something indescribable there within you that will literally blow your mind. Or, at least, let’s say that the need to fix something will fade away. Active awareness of your inner universe will automatically reflect outward into the manifested universe. Do you recall what I shared above? “Everything reflects the inner universe.”

There is a core essence of being. The inner and outer universe all rolled up in one. One is a state of being beyond mind. I realize that this insight is philosophical and mind-blogging. But, look beyond the mind. You may then recognize how it resonates deep within you. Especially during a moment of conscious awareness.

Fix the inner dimension. Thus, the need to adjust the outer universe will no longer have priority. This transition to space consciousness is profound. It inspires self-trust. This, as a reflection of the true self, will allow you to trust the universe. Additionally, you will trust others and things as they unfold. This state of being does not require mind, thoughts, beliefs, or faith. Furthermore, a type of equilibrium will transpire between the inner and outer universe. There will be nothing to fix.


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Francesco L
Francesco L
2 years ago

Hahaha, that´s me on the Picture with the Piece of Wood. I am so grateful to have my picture on your website 🙂

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