A Peaceful Easy Feeling Is Your Choice

What is at the top of your list of wishes? Not all, but most people will say that they desire peace and blissfulness every day. Nevertheless, these same individuals then say that a peaceful easy feeling is an impossible dream. Really? Why is harmony and balance difficult to experience? You are the only obstacle that prevents happiness and calmness. I realize that it is difficult to take responsibility for your unhappiness and suffering. It is much easier to point the finger at someone or something. Nevertheless, such unconscious behavior is fuel for a conditioned mind. And, your choice during any situation determines how you live life. 


What daily practice can you use to become the active observer of your life experience? Firstly, accept everything. Sound impossible? Okay, the mind has taught you to deny and question almost everything you experience. But, must you behave in such a manner simply because the mind tells you? No, definitely not. Furthermore, acceptance is the easiest step to reaching a peaceful easy feeling in any situation. Trust me, there was a time when I also could not accept many situations. This contaminated my experience of life. Oh my, yes, it was so easy to avoid the responsibility for my state of presence. Everyone and everything were responsible for my uneasiness and anxiety. It seems very surreal in hindsight.

Living Life Can Be a Peaceful Experience

So, what further steps can you take to experience non-attachment? Recognize that you do not need to do anything to feel peaceful. The act of passiveness is the very definition of tranquility. And, your awakening to conscious awareness allow sun rays of clarity to brighten everything. So, simply stay in this sunshine during any experience. Don’t just stand there and let the mind overshadow a situation with thoughts and emotions. Take responsibility. Otherwise, there will always be falling raindrops (thoughts, emotions, people and things). However, acceptance is the easiest way to make it through the rain without letting the water bother you.

Wishing you a happy day.


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