Essence of Life: It Flows and Love Grows

What do you feel about life energy and love? It would seem that life offers the potential for love. But living and loving have become a mind-game. The essence of life and love have become lost in the details of the mind.



What is Love? We talk about it. And we desire it more than anything. But our behavior implies that we don’t know much about love. The truth has simply become obscured by too much content. Still we do know love. We feel it in the depth and essence of our being. This knowledge is within the dimension of life. Life and love have become synonymous. We know this as truly as we can innately sense universality. This is the true oneness of life and love.

We are in this world but not of it. We are the universe; not just a part of it. Still the mind insists on duality. It demands separation. But why?

The Essence of Living and Loving

Love is true. It is real. But we have unfortunately added too much content to its simplistic nature. We decide what will manifest in this universe. This also applies to our existence. Either we create a universe of conscious life, love, and compassion. Or we succumb to unconscious thoughts of separation, limitation and domination.

Awareness…true awareness to self can open space which allows change. We and other consciously expanding objects have an influence on universal consciousness. The life you wish to have is not just around the corner. It is now. So everything is already here. It is as you have desired it to be. You get what you wish whether you want it or not.

You awaken as you realize that you can choose between mind-made or conscious living. Furthermore, outside influences don’t determine how you experience life. The miracle lies in knowing this to be true and accepting it. The changing of anything starts when you are aware and allow change to occur. Practice consciously observing your relationship with the mind. You are not these thoughts and beliefs unless this is what you choose.


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