Slap Your Face and Experience Living

Yes, I am asking you to softly slap your face. (Or harder if you are into that kind of thing.) 😊 Go ahead. Do it. Why is this something that I suggest? It is to remind you of living. A smack on the cheek is real. It is now. And, it is unavoidable. Why? Because you initiated it. Is everything influencing how you live? Is this what you think or assume? Most people still think that people, things, and other forces are controlling them. Likewise, many people assume there is nothing that they can do or change to live in balance and harmony.


Let’s expand on our face smacking example. We will do this to illustrate mind-conditioning and unconscious living. You might recall getting a slap on the cheek or some other similar experience. These are memories. They are no longer relevant to consciously living. Similarly, you may fear or anticipate a cuff in the face. Fear, suffering, and pleasure have become unconscious demands and anticipations. Still, this mind interference will become obvious. Then a person can let go and remain focused on now.

Slap Your Face and Live Life

Will hitting yourself in the face benefit the process of conscious awakening?  Well, let’s first ask ourselves these questions. How do I wish to live? Is there anything real except for here and now? (Latin: hic et nunc) Here and now refers to a reality. But, reality based on the mind. This suggests limitations set by an object’s existence. Living, we can even say simply being, is beyond reality. A reality manifests and then unfolds according to your observation. How do you observe living? Is it mind or is it consciousness that creates what you experience?

A slap in the face manifests only in presence. Your observation, whether unconscious or conscious, implies a reality onto this state of being. The act of being is essentially without limitations. This may seem far-fetched to suggest. However, here again I refer to the face smack. This is presence. (non duality) It is both boundless and bounded. Unless the mind interjects something unto this limitless non-reality. Furthermore, the act of being is both non-real and real (consciousness) until influenced by the mind. It sounds crazy. But you are and you are not; spiritually speaking. Thus, living either from mind or consciousness determines how you live as this selected reality unfolds.


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