Unconscious Living with a Dominate Mind

But what if this happens or what if that happens? Should I do this or shouldn’t I do that? Such thought behavior patterns are prevalent in daily activities. And, the eventual mind-reaction to most situations. The mind induces this conditioned reaction mechanism into our experiences. Whereas, an unconscious person has no influence over the mind. So, an unaware person accepts thoughts and feelings as reality. This happens even if the thought or feeling is harmful to the person’s state of being. Let’s consider the following questions. How do thoughts affect an unconscious person’s body and state of being? Likewise, do thoughts influence the vibrating energy of everything. On the other hand, does the energy output of a consciously aware person also stimulate how and what manifests?  


I can share a personal experience with you to clarify and illustrate these questions. A recent situation offered me clarity as I consciously observed my state of being. This allowed me to experience, first hand, the difference between thought influence or presence awareness. Cleaning is meditation for me. Hence, I enjoy it very much. The other day a moment of blissful freedom overcame me during the cleaning. (This blissfulness is always available for us. And, we can become more and more attuned to this energy vibration.) I share this with you as a call to action. Focus on such a moment when you are aware and let the feeling of presence engulf you.

Why Do We Live an Unconscious Existence?

So, the sheer moment itself engulfed my being. Or, more accurately written, I experienced a total state of being within the moment itself without distractions. This was refreshing and I savored the experience in deep reflection. The moment was absolute and very clear. There was no assumptions, definitions, or judgement. The moment was. And, I was. It was the grandest experience to just be. Furthermore, I instantly understood the feeling of confusion and restriction felt before I started to clean. The next paragraph might be a helpful signpost for you on the path to conscious awakening.

An unconscious person doesn’t truly experience presence. Instead, an unaware person only experiences the thoughts and feelings about the experience. And, memories and conditioned behavior reconstruct these thoughts and feelings. Simply written, almost everything the mind tells us is not necessarily real for this given moment. And, thoughts inject mental barriers that obstruct our unity with the totality of being.  However, my awareness of presence was beyond thoughts and feelings during cleaning. Thus, it was possible for me to simply enjoy being without mind-activity restrictions.

This was the experience of unadulterated conscious awareness. Mind and body continued to function for practical purposes. But, the mind did not confine my sense of being. It was an experience of pure being in the dimension of consciousness. You have most likely also had similar experiences on occasion. So, our practice is to focus on the simplicity within being here and now. Conscious awareness will expand as we explore the vastness of presence during the shift from mind to conscious living.

“Thoughts and emotions can be excellent students of life when we consciously observe them. But, these cannot and should never be the teacher or master of this mystery.”


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