Turn Off the Engine and Walk

Don’t let the title mislead you. Our discussion is not about an engine or the environment. Although, ultimately, there is a connection between everything. The mind is a motor. Experiences, memories, and emotions are catalysts. Thoughts are the fuel. Conditioned behavior starts the motor.


Unconsciousness a.k.a. unawareness is the road map we use to travel on after the engine starts. Naturally, the mind always functions. Therefore, please note that our discussion refers to our interaction with the mind. We do not need to ask or define why the mind does what it does. However, our observation of the mind is paramount for conscious awareness. This observer/mind relationship is either conscious or unconscious. Sounds simple enough. Still living consciously is difficult until it is not. What am I suggesting? Conscious observation of how you live will spontaneously and naturally blossom during the process of conscious awakening. Suddenly you are consciousness without understanding how you became actively conscious. The knowing is significant. And consciously being (living) is the ultimate experience of enlightenment.

V8 engine or a Walking Stick?

Are you familiar with the phrase haste makes waste? This insight also applies to traveling the path of life. Racing from one thought to the next is not wise. But, the mind is always thrusting thoughts on us just like a motor when we press the gas pedal. Vroom, Vroom, is what the mind tells us. But, this doesn’t really help us to get anywhere. Likewise, how can we fully experience life when we race from one thought or experience to the next?

However, this is typical mind behavior, as well as, imposed unto us by society. Only active observation of the mind and our inner universe can alter how we interact with people, things, and situations. And ultimately this decides how we live life. Living life is not about the content details of living. Rather, life is the conscious experience of living… (Please reflect deeply on the insight within these last three sentences.)

Have you reflected deeply on this insight? What have you discovered witin yourself?x

We cannot define, nor limit, the experience of life with mind details. Therefore, acceptance and non-attachment are essential in the experience of fully living life. Walk the path of life with consciousness as a walking stick. Thus, You know the path you walk is true.


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