Awareness Nurtures Conscious Living

It is each and every person’s choice to change or not. Are you ready? You only need to let go. Acceptance is the key. It may be very beneficial for us to focus on the flow of life. This, in turn, would open the portal to presence. What is holding us back? Generally, most people believe that deeper consciousness is only reachable through hard work and sacrifice. Still, there are others that think it is unreachable. It is an individual and collective mindset that cause these assumptions. A deeper level of consciousness often instills images of magical powers and or lengthy meditation practices. It is the over-active story-teller within the mind that conjures up these illusions. Whereas, it will gladly portray a universe of illusion and impossibilities. Realistically there are two stepping stones that can initiation deeper awareness.


The first is not really a step. It is the awakening to the limitless simplicity of consciousness. Thus, we will experience true presence. This awakening process often involves different levels. Every person will experience various stages at different intervals. There is no right or wrong in the process. But, it is beneficial to acknowledge that the process has begun. What follows the initial awakening? This is usually based on a shift in how a person observes his or her thinking. A change in perception/focus will develop as a person actively remains within the awakening process.

Conscious Awareness Is a Process

There are no guidelines to how this shift will unfold. Nor, should there be. The awakening process will continue naturally. Consider how beneficial it would be to unlearn mind inflections. Consciousness will thrive through awareness to the flow of life and how it manifests. How is this done? Simply become aware of awareness. Object consciousness will expand. Thus, our interactions will be from a deeper level of presence. Consciousness can then work hand in hand with our mind. The mind, with all its characteristics can and will relearn. Eventually, it will trust universal intelligence.

Still, it has never really overcome the shock that occurred during the dawning of self-consciousness. This is perhaps why the mind caused us to fall back into a deep sleep (unconsciously speaking). This may have happened rather quickly after object consciousness reached a given level. We can say that consciousness was flourishing but the mind put on the emergency brake. But, deep down we desire a change. We know that it is possible to live in harmony with life. But, we also fear it.

Become Aware of Awareness

Secondly, the transition to a state of presence and active consciousness may seem long and very troublesome. However, it is not difficult. On the contrary, it is quite simple. Awareness and consciousness are one and the same. That is why the sentence: “We become aware of awareness.” sounds so odd.  The importance lies in realizing that we already exist in a field of pure consciousness. Imagine a void charged with energy Moreover, you are free-falling within it.  There you manifest a reality that is in accordance with your level of consciousness.

It is truly up to you in regards to what you experience. This, in layman’s term, means living and being aware of it. Still, this has nothing to do with thinking about living. More awareness to life energy is the prerequisite.  Acknowledging and accepting the flow of this conscious energy is your choice. Then the personal and collective mind will start to vibrate in harmony with consciousness. There will no longer be a feeling of separation. Living without the dependency of mind details offers balance, harmony and clarity in our daily experiences.

Be safe and well


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