Oneself Is not Alone nor Afraid nor Forgotten

Aloneness. We reflected on this topic from time to time. Still, there are many people that write me about feeling lonely and being alone. So, let’s take another look at loneliness. It is wise to first determine if you are truly lonely. Or, do you think you are alone only because the mind tells you to be lonely. Firstly, understand that oneself is in reference to one (reflexive form). Philosophically or spiritually we can say that this is the one self.


Accordingly, let’s start with this question. Are you lonely? Likely, you will immediately react with various answers that supposedly validate your loneliness. So, step back from these thoughts of lonesomeness. Acknowledge that what you think is just the mind in a repetitious cycle. The simple acknowledgement that you are the observer of these thoughts benefit conscious awareness, thus your state of being. But, whether you impersonate the mind and act out its drama as a puppet is your choice.

Living as Oneself Is the Ultimate State of Being

Oneself, ultimately speaking, cancels out loneliness. Ask yourself if it is possible for the one self to be lonely? The mind might interfere and say that I want to trick you with this question. Nevertheless, I assure you that the experience of being is universal. Therefore, let’s use this as conscious stepping stone. Anything that is, is one through the simple act of being. Please consider that the mind has a vast storeroom of situations labeled lonely. Thus, the slightest circumstance can trigger you into thinking or believing there is loneliness. But, again, I assure you that this is just the mind directing a show of drama. And, you are the victim of this drama as long as you remain obliviously unconscious to the mind’s activities.

Yes, the majority of people think lonesomeness is real. This is because the mind uses evolutionary tricks of the trade to invoke loneliness. Nevertheless, this is only a state of mind. It is not real. So, ask yourself, do you really want to be lonely? If yes, then this is what will manifest in your reality. So, are you ready to move beyond the mind? Then, as a conscious stepping stone, practice the following mantra each day.

“My practice is to love and to live without the demands and attachments of the mind. Therefore, I will only find love in another person, think, or situation when I first found it within myself. This is also true for life and state of presence as a universal being. Likewise, I will always feel loneliness until I acknowledge that I am never alone. It is impossible to be lonely in a universe of one.”

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