Does Anger Dominate Your Experiences?

Does frustration, confusion, and even anger overshadow your experience of life? What are you upset about? Is it the traffic jam? Or the neighbor’s dog barking? What you experience is the result of your state of awareness. How do you experience something? The answer reflects your inner universe. It is always about you. Your state of being decides how you experience living.


“There will be moments when everything seems overwhelming. But, you are essentially a universal part of the totality. Therefore, only you can change how you see yourself in all things. See yourself as the oneness within the totality and everything you observe and experience will change.” 

Frustration and Anger Transform into Passive Bliss

You experience yourself through all other objects, thoughts, and emotions. These are reflections of your state of being. What happens to you, happens because you allow it to happen. This is to say, how you observe the mind and your own being results in how you observe life. But, and usually unintentionally, confusion, frustration, and anger overwhelm you. And you mostly live life unconsciously due these countless conditioning factors.

However, this is not the real you. It is only a self-created illusion of the mind. Do you wish to experience balance and harmony? Is non-attachment to thoughts your desire? Always look within. The inner universe reflects the outer universe. Correspondingly, your relationship to mind should be the focus point of your awareness. Don’t worry life will still go on. You will still think, feel, and be a part of all experiences. But, by aware observation of the mind, you will remain in a state of clarity. This will only happen and can only happen when you acknowledge that which is beyond what the mind projects. The flow of universal energy is bubbling (vibrating) through all things. Likewise, this energy is a stream that connects you to everything.

I wish you a blissful day and hope that you are healthy and safe. Take care


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