Fulfillment Is Not a Goal to Reach

We may believe that fulfillment of life and certain goals come from hard work, determination, or even luck. But, this belief is not accurately correct. Our endeavors may contribute to the achievement of existence activities. Nevertheless, these are not actually the deciding factors in the experience of fulfillment.


We can verify this insight through the example of people who try their best. And, still nothing seems to go right. This is also why a person who seems good and deserving doesn’t receive anything. Consequently, this good person may actually experience hardships, sickness, and even premature death. Why do we consider this to be unfair? The reason is because our expectations and desires are almost always from the level of thoughts, ego, and emotions. However, the things a person wants, but doesn’t get, were never his or hers to receive. This is where the conditioned path and mind behavior can cause great disorder in our interactions with life.

Everything comes from a flow of unmanifested energy, no matter what we might otherwise wish to believe. Nonetheless, the mind dominates and insists it knows what is best for us. Mind manipulation is apparent in our behavior, especially in unaware people. However, decisions based on the mind are only from the level of our existence. We plan and work to reach goals. Yes, relatively speaking, this is typical for our species. Nonetheless, our endeavors are entirely irrelevant in terms of conscious living. Therefore, as a conscious individual, you acknowledge human aspects. But, you remain anchored in a state of being that is conscious of itself. I am here and now! Interrupt thoughts and emotions constantly with this simple realization. I am. Still, ego and a conditioning mind demand that we place importance on thoughts and emotions. Nevertheless, this is just an illusion.

Discover Fulfillment Here and Now

Let’s keep it simple. Living life really means being here, where you are now, consciously speaking. There is no need to look for anything to obtain fulfillment. You also do not need to frantically search for a given path in this existence. Fulfillment is the totality of your beingness (isness) in this moment. Conscious awareness will reveal that you are where you are in each moment. And, this aware state of being does not cling to attachments or dependency. Although, conscious living allows you to clearly experience the aspects of your existence without mind interference.

Thus, you live in harmony and balance each day. You realize that the fulfillment of living life is you being you, completely. And, your love is of a pure nature with deep compassion for life itself. Life itself is already doing everything for you. And, you co-create the manifestations that occur during your existence. However, the manifestation of universal energy through your being does not necessarily prescribe a path to follow. Being is truly enough. Everything that happens are simply details that will take care of themselves if you (mind) don’t interfere. Thus, we can accurately say that the universe has no purpose or plan for you. And, there are no exact guidelines or rules to follow. Do these statements somehow bother you?

Well, I say again and emphasize, being is enough. Likewise, I share the follow perception often with you. Use this insight as a focus point to practice during the process of conscious awakening.

“What is your relationship with the mind and the inner universe? This question is beneficial in consciously awakening to a state of deeper presence.”


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