Book: One Moment in Life Revision

I have uploaded a revised version of my first book One Moment in Life. The changes will hopefully give the reader a pleasurable reading experience. The material considers conditioned thought and belief structures. Additionally, there are examples of everyday situations relating to these topics. Are we truly aware of consciousness or is this something that we only think or belief is true?


I have presented the material to the best of my ability and understanding of the topics at the time of publication. The book can provide stepping stones on your inner journey. I do not claim or presume to be an authority on consciousness, absolute truth or any of the topics that I write about. Furthermore, my intentions are not to express favoritism or criticism for or against any religion, organization, culture, person or people.

A Book About Living Now

Furthermore, it is essential that we look beyond our existential details.  Otherwise, the expansion of object consciousness cannot truly flourish or evolve. The revised Kindle version of my first book is now available and the revised paperback version should be available within the next few days. I will share a short post when I see that the revised soft cover version has been published.

The revised Kindle version is free to download for Amazon Unlimited members. It is also possible to get the Kindle version for free if you purchase the paperback copy. I hope that you will visit the book page on Amazon. Please share this info with your friends.

Here is the Amazon com link. The Kindle version is available worldwide at Amazon and the paperback in most countries.

One Moment in life: Rediscovering Inner Awareness

Best wishes to everyone

It is beneficial for mind and conscious development to ‘Be in this world, but remember we are not of this world’. This is a journey of self-discovery that is traveled and experienced by going inward to the source of consciousness.


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