Alone Among Billions of People

Do you feel alone? Does this often occur? It is likely that you take this very personal and equally serious. It is probable that you think this loneliness is only happening to you in that moment. Well, it may comfort you to know that there are billions of people that think they are lonely. However, let’s emphasis the word think because it is a mind-conditioned illusion.


Let’s break this down into two statements for discussion purpose.

 1. You are alone. (person-oriented)

2. You are never alone. (energy/spiritual-oriented)

An incidence of loneliness and despair occurs because the majority of people want to be lonely. Yes, you have read this correctly. Loneliness is a choice. Furthermore, it is one of many mind games that you either play or not. It is basically just thoughts and emotions. Additionally, it is possible that fundamental behavior and social structures contribute to our seclusion. Nonetheless, these factors are strictly based on human nature. The mind is very convincing. It insists that others must accept and love you.

Alone Among Friends

This type of mind-set kindles warmth of fellowship that supposedly unites us. At least, we believe this to be true. However, this framework of thinking is at the best, very temporary. It is superficial, even if it feels very real. Please do not read too much into what I am sharing with you. The togetherness that we strive to experience as human beings has its merit. However, this is a restrictive and manipulative type of thinking.

This often results in a person not expressing him or herself due to anxiety or fear. It is why you stand in a crowd of people and still feel alone. It is impossible not to believe that you are alone. Wanting or thinking you are alone is the result of a conditioned mind. However, please realize that this is not you.

One Is Never Alone  

Furthermore, the essence of your being knows only unification and oneness.  It flourishes in this singularity and is never alone. Therefore, this one self gives and receives love. It does this through the self that is in all people and all things. You can constantly feel this presence in the background of your experiences. Nevertheless, the mind has difficulty acknowledging and accepting unconditional unity and love.

Please remember that you can never be alone. Practice this each day as a mantra during your activities or in a moment of silence. Accept and allow the minds activities. However, don’t take it too seriously. Thoughts and feelings will come and go. These are temporary. On the other hand, the source of life and love (being one) is everlasting. You are and have always been complete.

Best wishes

P.S. I wish to suggest a book from Deepak Chopra that relates to this article about human behavior and loneliness. The book is “The Return of Merlin”. It is an enjoyable and insightful read.





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