Asking for Your Support and Kindness

Recently, I wrote about my wishes to reach out and share with more people on a more personal level. Therefore, after long reflection, I am reaching out to ask for your kindness and support.  My wish is to start speaking with groups at schools, libraries, book stories, spiritual retreats, etc. Still, I really have no idea if and how my desire to share more personally with everyone will manifest. Not knowing and letting go is awesome. I simply go with the flow and continue to share the energy of my wish with the universe.  


Well, I exercise letting go and allowing everything to flow. And, it seems that the ebb and flow energy transfer of universal consciousness has offered me a chance to take the next step. Likewise, my desire to continue sharing and serving others through my writings and public speaking might be possible with your help.

Sharon Fischer, from Facebook, recently helped me tremendously by contacting a Barnes & Noble book store. She and I had chatted and I indicated my wish to get my latest book on the shelves in book stores. She spoke with a Barnes & Noble manager in New York. He, in turn, gave her useful information about the process needed to get a self-published book on the shelves in a store. Additionally, the manager explained some of the requirements needed for an author to do book promotions/book signings in the store.

A little kindness and Support go a Long Way

Sharon’s conversation with the manager opened the next door to a contact person on the Barnes & Noble Press Team. I wrote to the team member there asking about book promotion events such as book readings/book signings in national and international stores. The team member wrote me back with information about Barnes & Noble’s requirements for promotion events in the stores. The following text is what she wrote to me in an email on October 14th.

“Authors who have an eBook that has reached 1,000 unit sales in the past year receive the opportunity to have their corresponding print book reviewed by Barnes & Noble’s Small Press Department and one of our corporate category buyers. Titles may qualify for in-store placement on a local, regional, or national level. Similarly, authors who have an individual eBook that has sold over 500 units in the past year qualify for consideration by one of our Barnes & Noble store managers for an in-store event, such as a book talk or book signing.”

I have thousands of friends/followers on various social media platforms who have expressed an interest in, and gratitude for, my writings and teachings. Similarly, the feedback relating to my third book has been very positive. The book will be published through Barnes & Noble in a few weeks (November 2020). Therefore, I am asking for a gesture of kindness and support as I attempt to make this dream come true.

(You might be asking yourself just what is Steve’s dream? Well, my dream is to share, learn, and experience the conscious awakening transformation with others on a larger scale and through person interaction.)

Your Kindness and Support could Change Everything

My wish is to sell 1,000 eBooks and 500 paperback copies from my latest book by the end of this year (2020). Reaching these goals will put the paperback hard copy in the Barnes & Noble stories. More significantly, this will give me the opportunity to participate in book talks and book signings in the stores. The next step thereafter will be to speak at spiritual retreats, seminars, other events, etc.

Yes, you may be thinking that I am only interested in the money made through the sales. But, foremost, I have a genuine desire to share and serve others through our sharing experiences. This is the driving motivation and desire behind what I do. I have given copies of all my books to countless people around the world as a gift to read over the last few years. I write this because my first interest/priority is definitely not money. Rather, it is you and the process of our conscious awakening with the hope of experiencing oneness, understanding, and love as we travel together on this journey of life. Also, as a self-publishing author, the royalties for 1,000 eBooks and 500 paperback copies is much, much less than you might think. 😊 

I am hopeful that you will consider purchasing the eBook and or paperback. Please order or buy the book directly through Barnes & Noble if you decide to get the book/eBook. I thank you in advance for your support and act of kindness. Perhaps, we will soon have a chance to meet each other at a speaking/retreat event. I very much look forward to an opportunity to meet, chat, and share with you.



P.S. I wish to give you the first chapter as a sneak peek into the book. The link is for a PDF book text excerpt file that can be read with most eBook readers or as a normal PDF.

Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance


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