Unconditional Love Needs no Reasons

What happens to pure love after you have fallen in love? This was what we discussed at the end of the previous article “Count the Reasons Why”. You meet someone and boom. Love sudden transcends all other experiences. This next sentence may frustrate the mind. Unconditional love can always transcend everything. Furthermore, the potential for love to flourish is always constant. However, it depends on you.


Yes, I am suggesting that unconditional love is a natural state of being. It is there to experience when we are willing to focus and allow. However, what usually happens after two people has fallen in love? A person’s love awareness typically can last between one day and several months. Therefore, a moment may come when you will ask yourself why you feel love for this person. Furthermore, the mind will demand that you count the reasons. Additionally, and more often than not, a partner will ask you to explain why you love him or her.

Unconditional Love and Living

Goodness gracious! What has happened to the unconditional love that was there when you met the other person? Please do not allow the mind to make a fool of you. The pure essence of love is and has always readily been there for you to experience. Furthermore, you will not find it by asking questions. The mind loves questions and will tell you countless thoughts, assumptions and stories. However, the essence of love, as with life, is always flowing through us. Nevertheless, thoughts and mind distractions can cause a person’s conscious experience of love to become conditioned. This type of behavior can be devastating. Thus, the mind will demand that you explain love. It will even use love as a means to an end. Neither have anything to do with pure love.

Therefore, one or both people in a relationship will become uncomfortable. Furthermore, there will be uncertainty and mistrust where there previously was only happiness and love. Additionally, there will often be accusations and expectancies placed on a partner. Furthermore, the mind will tell you to count the reasons for loving the other person. Moreover, it will say that you can’t truly be in love if you don’t have valid reasons for it. Therefore, it would seem that most of us are not truly in love. Are we going to continue playing this mind game? Or are we ready to simply love unconditionally. You don’t need a reason to love. Love, pure love is always in the background of your existence. Furthermore, it is impossible to truly love because of something or someone. Either you love or you choose not to love.

Wishing you a happy day

P.S. Unconditional love, loneliness and relationships are a few of the topics that will be discussed in my upcoming third book.



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