Try Your Best or Maybe Not

It is important to understand that achieving all that the universe has to offer us means exactly what it implies. You are not here to determine what is best for yourself and what is not. Although, everyone tells you to try your best. And, the mind assures you that what you want is what you should get. However, this is not exactly true. Yes, many ideas and wishes can and will come true. That’s because these are co-creations that originate in a state of aware presence and not from illusions of the mind.


We may believe that the fulfillment of certain goals come from hard work, determination, or even luck. But, this also is not completely true. Of course, these endeavors may contribute to the achievement of existence activities. But, they are not actually the deciding factors in fulfillment and inner peace.

Don’t Try Your Best and See what Happens

To illustrate, let’s use the example of people who try their best and still nothing seems to go right. A person might seem good and deserving, but still doesn’t receive anything good. Instead, this same person might experience hardships, sickness, and even premature death. So, why do we consider this to be unfair? The reason is because our expectations and desires are almost always from the level of thoughts, ego, and feelings. But, the things a person doesn’t get were never his or hers to receive. This is where the conditioned path and human nature can cause random disorder in our interactions with life.

Everything that we experience comes from energy that manifests through us and how we interact with the mind. The majority of people still live strictly from the mind. And, thus, they think and believe that this behavior will guide them to salvation/enlightenment. However, thoughts and feelings are, at best, temporary attempts to interpret living life. Yes, we plan and work toward worldly goals. We try our best. This is normal for us as this life-form.  But, such behavior is entirely irrelevant in terms of conscious presence, acceptance and non-attachment to living in aware enlightenment.

Nevertheless, the ego and a conditioning mind insist that thoughts and feelings are vital to reach a higher goal. But, this is just an illusion, at least in reference to aware presence. Life really means being here, where you are now, consciously speaking. There is no real need to look for anything to obtain fulfillment or conscious enlightenment. And, contrary to what the mind tells us, you don’t need to search for a given path to follow. The Way is the path in whatever form it manifests before you. Therefore, embrace everything along the Way.


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