Co-creating all Experiences

I wish to share a personal experience with you. This experience signifies how we are co-creating through the vibrations of energy.  I had various obligations recently involving several appointments.  Furthermore, I also needed to travel to the next city via subway for the last appointment. I had intended to cancel this appointment. But, then decided to just let things unfold.


Everything went well during the morning. I then rode a bus to the train station for the last appointment. There, I purchased a ticket and started up the ramp to board the subway. I glanced at the electronic subway schedule display. To my surprise, there was a message flashing on all the displays that read.

“All subways and trains are not running due to a technical malfunction.”

Instantly a smile spread across my face. I felt a free-falling sensation within the space of conscious awareness. Wow! It was obvious that I co-created this experience. Please let me explain. I had not actually wanted to go to this appointment. And, this is the energy vibration that had manifested from me.  I felt fortunate to have become aware of this energy vibration over the last few days. Hence, I could smile and clearly understand the subway technical malfunction. This was my co-creation.

Co-creating all Experiences Through Your Relationship to Them

There are probably some people who will say that this is sheer coincidence. However, I have observed this often in my own experiences and with other people. We have this ability. Moreover, it is flowering in each moment. This moment blossoms in accordance with the energy you release. Therefore, you are co-creating with life. Furthermore, your level of awareness to the moment itself is essential. The person, situation, or your own mind are only details of the moment. Ultimately, these are nonessential to being and living. Does this sound unlikely? Reflect on this in silence and you will know. What I am about to write can be a useful conscious awakening stepping stone for you.

“A co-creating process is constantly manifesting through each person. What would have happened if I had not been aware of what I was creating? Well, I might have become very frustrated because I could not go to the appointment. But, days before the appointment I experienced clarity in my state of being. This simply means that I was clearly aware of my relationship with the mind, the self (human), and the situation. I had not wished to go to the appointment and my generated energy resonated with universal life energy.”

We are interacting and co-creating within the now. This is an energy transfer. Also, it can only manifest and transform in this moment. Life is energy and it flows through you. Therefore, you are energy and you are life. It is beneficial, to your conscious awakening, to realize the significance of your being. We become confused and entangled within mind patterns and structures. We base existence on the content of our experiences. These are not ultimately related to the essence of now. Therefore, we forget what it really means to live.

Consequently, we remain blind to our own true radiance as a universal being. The realization of this universality is possible in any moment. Oneness is here in the simple manifestation of life energy and our partnership with it. We are co-creating either a Heaven or a Hell. Your observation of living determines what you experience. Also, the object energy released and our level of conscious awareness is significant. Additionally, our interaction with our creation is essential to the experience of life. What is your relationship with life? Ask yourself this as often as possible.

Best wishes


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