Sureness of Universal Energy: Just Let It Flow

Trust is everything. It is existentially, as also ultimately, the foundation of the universe. The sureness of universal energy is oddly similar to the Chaos Theory. Trust suggests that everything is as it is. The mind is turning somersaults now due to these sentences. Therefore, let’s first clarify. Still, always remember that such words are useful as signposts. But, they are only directional finders on the journey back home and nothing more.


You are, he or she is, and all is everything. This is simple enough. Isn’t it? Likewise, universal energy always is in one form or another. This is the sureness of being. We can also simplify this by saying (what is, is).  We place our trust in countless existential factors. So, why don’t we accept the unfolding of universal life energy? Yes, things are going to happen. They always do. But, it is possible to let go. Do you trust yourself? If yes, then you should depend on the vibrations of this energy. Why should you? Because everything reflects you according to your trust and acceptance without expectations.

Sureness Is the Truthfulness of Living

You, the person is mortal. That’s the way it is now. The body will come and go. What did you expect? But, anything possible can manifest during this transition. You may be poor in materialistic terms. There is the chance that you will experience at least one accident. You will be happy, sad, angry, ill, and you will die. This is what it means to live. Or, not? Definitely not. Nevertheless, we cling to these things. But, we have forgotten that within everything is the essence of being. Still, why should I trust that everything is as it should be? You may ask. Well, it is as it is. Or, do you choose to deny it? Yes, more often than not. Because the mind still tries relentlessly to disclaim what is as not being what it is.

The sureness of universal flowing energy is obvious in plants, animals, even planets and stars. They come and go. Some survive. Others don’t. Either way it is okay because it is as it is. However, the energy remains. Thus, being endures in various forms.

You are influencing, actually co-creating what manifests. This is not something to say just to feel spiritual. Nor, to believe just to feel good or as an attempt to proclaim enlightenment. You will experience enlightenment, that is to say, conscious living, when you acknowledge the essence of being; regardless of the form. So, my question to you is why don’t we accept and allow life to just be?


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