The Lass from South Africa, Is This You?

There is a lass from way down South in Africa.
Oh, they say she came from somewhere else.
But who knows? It is of little importance.
For her heart blossomed in Africa.
Indeed, this is profound.
She found her true self that day.


This lass looked within herself for the first time.
She let go of people and things as she came to Africa.
This is to say, she learned to live from within.

There are others like her, awake in the world.
They live with life and are not against living.
And so, it is in Africa.
Still, most people always want more.
However, this lass knows more means less.
Hence, she chooses to want less.
Thus, she always has more.
This is the wisdom of living life.
It is the knowledge of being here now.

A Lass with a Dream

Still, she does have a wish, as most of us do.
But, this lass doesn’t speak of her desire.
Yes, she has found herself, within herself.
So now, she wishes to find herself in another.
Oh yes, she is wise…for it is true.

We are all of each other.
All things share the universe as one.
This young lady loves life and to live.
She sees herself within people and all things.
But, most people still don’t see as she sees.

Alas, this lass dreams of someone who can see.
Her wish is to love another as she loves herself.
No, this is not selfish nor egotistic.
She desires to give and receive self-love.
Self-love is essential to freely living life.
Plus, the willingness to see yourself in others.
This lass from South Africa dreams of a selfless love.
She dreams of being with another to share the one self.

A dream within your heart is to cherish and share. It is the experience of life. It is a dream that is real. You will remember when you let go and live beyond the mind. It will become clear when we meet there as one. Do not fear. Let go. Dream and share it with others.

P.S. I offer you this poem, whether woman or man, as a stepping stone on your inner journey. And, as a sign post to share love along the way.


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