Vendetta Against Me: But Why?

The world is against me. Everyone wants something from me. Why me? What have I done to deserve this conflict. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you have heard such statements. Or said this yourself on occasion. Does it really seem that there is a vendetta against you? It does if you listen to the mind. This is what it is always telling you. And what it thinks will gain momentum when you listen.


Let’s look at this from both standpoints. These being mind and consciousness. There may very well be people that wish to cause you problems. Or even harm you. On the other hand, a situation has no intent to make you suffer. The circumstance may cause you pain. Either due to the experience, person or even self-inflected. Or you may suffer if something unfolds due to conditioned behavior in an unconscious state.

But mind-generated thoughts (energy) will insist that everyone and everything has a vendetta against you. The mind says this and you accept and believe it. At least until you have awakened to a deeper sense of conscious being. I wish to again emphases the following insight. Practice the following statement on a daily basis. I am not my thoughts. Then what are you? You are the awakened consciousness that is observing the mind (thoughts).

Mind Vendetta Against Yourself

You are nine times out of ten responsible for any type of so-called vendetta against yourself. This is to say the mind has convinced you that someone or something is against you. But this is not true. You are your own worst enemy. This is appropriate to say in most interaction with yourself and the world.

Please practice recognizing that it is not the thoughts that are harmful. Rather it is your lack of awareness to what the mind is thinking. The problems and suffering begin when you unconsciously attach your (self) to thoughts. Therefore, do not think about thinking. Instead perceive, and be conscious of awareness.

Be well and safe


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