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Usually, the mind bases our daily activities on routine and repetition. But why? Is everything really so tedious? The mind triumphantly says yes, it is all so mundane. Furthermore, the mind insists that this is normal because living life is dull. The mind is capable of many feats. But, pure creativity is not necessarily a mind creation. In fact, it is likely that the mind just hit the emergency brake. The mind will tell you that I am crazy for making such a statement. Nonetheless, I suggest that you continue reading and simply let the mind babble on. Remember, never take the mind too seriously. Thus, you discover that living life is so much more than the thoughts about living life.


Creativity is a blossoming flower that originate within the silence between thoughts. It is in this stillness that the process of conscious awakening occurs. This acknowledgement offers a beneficial sign post on our inner journey. We can call this silence the unmanifested energy of consciousness. Or let’s simply use the expression conscious awareness for our discussion purposes. This is a haven of calmness in the midst of any mind-made storm. So, how do we discover this vastness?  Life, love, and all that is creative are here between words, between thoughts, and even between emotions.

Discover a Gateway to the True Self

This haven is always there in every moment. Acknowledging this discovery changes how you observe and how you experience everything. Furthermore, a mind mind-made concept has nothing to do with the essence of being. Therefore, as I have shared in previous articles, you must take responsibility for your state of being. But, the majority of people still focus on words, definitions, thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, most people insist that it is everything outside of themselves that cause distractions, discomfort, and even suffering. Why can’t we find the true self in words or thoughts? And, why do we experience stress, anger, and sorrow? Because conscious stillness is undefinable. Thus, presence is an unacceptable state of being for the mind. The mind, most often, wants to be anywhere but here and now. Likewise, acknowledgement of presence (universal self) is unthinkable for the mind (pun 😊).

Equally, most individuals search for something we call the true self. Please consider the following insight. Ultimately, you are the manifestation of being in this moment. To recognize presence is to be aware of the self you are now. Therefore, you cannot find what you already are because you are this one state of being. Thus, simply recognize the act of being and practice self-alignment within this space of presence.  

Wishing you a nice day. I hope that you are safe and well.


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