The Grey Zone We Call Life

Active awareness is available to us. However, let’s be honest with ourselves. We basically live neither here nor there. The following article illustrates our tendency to stay within a grey zone. So, please sit in silence. Become aware of the background clutter within this moment. But, don’t attach yourself to these distractions. It seems difficult. Nevertheless, try. Surprisingly, you might discover that insignificant details congest 99 percent of your now experience. What does this mean? This suggests that what the mind deems as real is only conceptional and unrelated to the essence of this moment.


A state of conscious being has nothing to do with the content of this moment. This may sound confusing. Nevertheless, confusion and fear arise easily in this grey zone. It is a place that seldom offers long-term satisfaction and fulfillment. And, it often holds us captive in a limbo state of existence. What does this featureless area mean in relation to consciousness?

Firstly, a conditioned mind causes a lack of conscious awareness to the mind’s activities. You might insist that you are very aware of the mind activities. But, actually, thoughts and emotions congest awareness. Thus, it might appear that you are aware. But, you are only aware of the manipulative details of a given moment. Awareness to the moment itself, is different than the distractions that come and go. The grey zone is an existential structure resulting from a lack of depth and focus in our conscious awareness. Furthermore, this pattern of living has become the standard in our daily experiences. So, do you wish to change how you live life? Then, ask yourself the following question.

Do I Live Life in Shades of Grey or in Colors of the Rainbow?

The majority of people still live somewhere between here and there and this and that. Yes, there are intervals when people are consciously aware. But, such a blissful moment is seldom and without long-term influence on the experiences within now. We stay stuck in the middle because thoughts and emotions overwhelm us. And yet, this grey area is a type of comfort zone for most people.

However, this does not suggest that living within this grey realm is comfortable or even desired. This type of existence, for a life-form with a deeper consciousness, is anything but enjoyable. Nevertheless, the mind interjects thought energy frequencies into our present state of being. This causes us to spontaneously think that we are happy, consciously enriched and living in a state of awareness. When, in fact, the opposite is true.

Mostly because, thinking we’re aware is not the same as conscious aware presence. We, for this reason, live in a grey zone. Furthermore, we choose to remain in this incomprehensible realm. This is because the mind portrays balance, freedom and peacefulness of active consciousness as an almost unreachable blissfulness.

Thus, we usually belief what the mind tells us. Therefore, we experience day to day activities from within a clouded perspective of confusion and fear. And, on occasion, there are short outbursts of happiness. But, this happy feeling is from the mind and not from the depth of true conscious awareness.

Wishing you a joyful day


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