Vibrations of Life Are Flowing Everywhere

What are the vibrations of life? Life is energy. The universe is an energy field occupied by objects. This energy has the potential to become conscious of itself. The transformation of energy into manifested objects is ongoing. These objects, such as ourselves, have the potential to become conscious of consciousness. Likewise, all objects are essentially in sync with the flow of universal energy. So, what happened to us? Why do we often feel alone, confused and frightened?


We are, so to say, out of sync. Still, it is possible to be aware of consciousness. Enlightenment is a universal constant.  But, evolutionary characteristics such as mind and even motor sensory development disrupt balance and harmony. Governing these characteristics is behavioral conditioning. Thus, we feel separated from the flow of life. Hence, we rely on the mind to dictate insignificant details and illusions.

Life Vibrations Flow Everything

We can compare life vibrations to the classical example of a stone cast into a pool of water. The point of origin (stone) is universal in essence. The ripples made by the stone are similar to the vibrations made by energy. This energy can be mind, object or universal consciousness. But, unconscious mind-initiated energy causes too many ripples. The mind manipulates and controls object consciousness. Thus, confusion and fear overwhelm us. We think that we are conscious. But, we are not. We release energy into the universe. How we observe any situation can alter the frequency flow. Therefore, the energy can either ripple out as mind or conscious vibrations.

This pattern will remain mostly unchanged until inner awareness has awakened enough to show the clarity within universal consciousness. Once this happens a person will experience an internal shift that reveals enlightenment. The mind will seem to continue manipulating and dominating our experiences. However, mind dominance will fade as conscious living becomes predominant in daily activities.

Additionally, this shift allows the energy to nurture our object consciousness. We will experience more and more harmony in any given situation. A level of object consciousness will blossom that flows in unison with life. We only need to put the conditioned past behind us and experience this everlasting moment in its true essence.


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