Trust Me and Buzz Off

The meaning of these terms is obvious. Likewise, it is clear that they are opposites. Living in a state of conscious awareness does not mean that we are to avoid human experiences. Trust me, is a solid statement. It is a bond that is based on reliability. You are willing to accept that, what a person tells you is true.


But, look out! The majority of people are sitting in a self-made movie of deception. The unconscious mind constructs it. The film is playing. They can change their role in it. But, conditioned behavior prevents clarity. Thus, a person will tell you one thing but do another. Or, not do anything after promising you to do something. Still, there are others that choose to avoid any further interaction after getting something from you. They are basically saying buzz off.

A person will do this for many different reasons. It is unconscious behavior.  Here are a few familiar examples of what people will say. I swear on my mother’s grave that what I say is true. By God, I swear you can trust me. There are also the simple but effective statements. I would be happy to help you or you can trust me. People will say this as a means to an end. Also, a person will often promise something. It is a self-centered wish or goal. Naturally, here the (self) implies the mind-made egoistical self-image.

Unconditionally Trust Living and Being Alive

Still, there are many trusting people. They usually accept such words without doubt. This will hopefully never change because the world needs people that can unconditionally trust. This will ultimately benefit humankind. Moreover, it is essential to our conscious evolution. Additionally, we will hopefully awaken to the benefits of unconditionally living and loving. You are not the other person or thing. Therefore, trust that which is beyond the words, people and things. Everything will unfold as it should.

“Trust is the core of spirituality. Self-certainty reflects the oneness of life and the ability to unconditionally be, live and love. Thus, rely on the essence of your being”

Wishing you a nice day


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