Life! Now Is the Time to Be You

Unawareness usually hides the beauty of life from us. Typically, we assume to be conscious throughout most of our activities. At least, this is what the mind tells us with countless thoughts and emotions. Thus, the mind uses a type of deception to convince us that we are conscious of living. This is not the actual truth. Our consciousness is a mind-made consciousness. And, this false sense of being restricts us. This is not the true consciousness of being alive.


Consciousness is awareness in a state of presence without attachment. Each person’s length and level of awareness varies. Still, the majority of people never really experience unconditional aware presence. And yet, these same individuals stand in the doorway of consciousness. But, they don’t acknowledge the significance of consciously living. Thus, most people cannot identify with the dimension of conscious beingness. Still, we often experience moments of aware presence.  Furthermore, instinctively we feel that an inner release (peaceful presence) is within our grasp. Then the world comes crashing down on us. Just as we were on the verge of letting go and jumping into the bliss of unconditionally living. Nevertheless, it is possible to realize the true essence of your beingness within aware presence.

Living Life Is to Experience the Beingness of Being

This nothingness is a reference to the unmanifested consciousness beyond mind entanglements. This is the space of aware presence within the being of your beingness. Consciousness without mind details and distractions might first seem an empty void. But, it is, in fact, the very core of everything. In this oneness of being, we discover basically all of the answers to life and living. Here in this nothingness, we manifest all of the wishes that the universe wants to grant us.

However, you must first learn where and how to look. Openly observe your relationship to the mind and to the beingness of your being. Accept and allow the person that you are now to be this person, unconditionally. Then, flow with life in a state of aware beingness to the presence of living.


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