Boundaries of the Mind Are Usually Not Real

Boundaries are a part of our existence in one way or another. There are planetary, geographical, social, and personal to name a few. The mind and body seem to strictly control our daily mental and physical activities. But, often these limitations are not real.


However, what have these restrictions done to our conscious development? Most of our shortcomings are due to the mind’s manipulations of conscious presence. The mind confines us within a self-made box filled with questions, doubts, beliefs, and assumptions. Thus, pure consciousness remains just out of reach. This is because self-inflected limits impair our understanding of universal energy and the awakening of consciousness. We sense the presence of something beyond the mind. But, we cannot break free of conditioned behavior patterns. This invokes a constant need to search and obtain a key to this universal presence. Nevertheless, there is no need for a key because the door is always open. The spaciousness of presence is always here.

What is Beyond Mind Boundaries?

We are particularly susceptible to one type of conditioned behavior. These limits are of a personal nature. Thus, we label them personal boundaries.  This term describes mental and physical limitations. Nevertheless, we invoke these deficiencies unto ourselves. These mind reactions and behavioral patterns are the result of past experiences, beliefs, and social conditioning. Hence, mind details restrict access to the dimension of conscious oneness.

Personal limitations are how we define ourselves as a person. Every person acquires mind assumptions, labels, and definitions. These structures then form boundary limits. It is difficult to remain aware of unified consciousness when the mind overshadows the experience of life. This is because these boundaries insist on conformity relating to the aspects of our daily activities. Nevertheless, a conscious step beyond these limitations reveals a universe of possibilities. The portal to unlimited consciousness and unity is always open, always inviting us to return home.

Wishing you a joyful day


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