The Path to Becoming Conscious

We use the word “path” to describe the way from here to there. A path indicates a beginning and usually an eventual ending. This could be called an arrival. It is obvious that we also choose this terminology in describing our experiences with the conscious awakening process. However, it is beneficial for us not to lose ourselves in the definition itself. A journey is a proper word to use here, but it is never about the “path”. Being conscious is very likely not even about the experiences on this path. The experiences are only useful as sign posts during this journey.


Is there a necessity to travel down a path during the conscious awakening process? This question is ultimately unnecessary because it is a mind creation. A tree, a bird or even a rock does not practice becoming conscious. They do not spend each moment of existence in thoughts about being conscious or aware. These life-forms simply “are” life and consciousness. They are engulfed in the suchness of now. I have a deep appreciation for this expression of presence.

Nevertheless, the practice of teaching ourselves to be consciously aware is useful. Furthermore, the process is essential. Sooner or later you will acknowledge that you are an expression of pure consciousness. An aware state of presence nurtures the flowing manifestation of life energy in all things. Every experience has the potential to become more pronounced as our focus shifts. We begin to see the experiences as something other than the details of the experience itself. Furthermore, each experience is always of our making. We co-create them through the practiced method of experiencing the moment in an awakened state of presence.

The Path to Enlightenment

A question to ask is how is it possible for other object life-forms to experience consciousness without being truly self-conscious? This state of presence in other objects occurs without them realizing it. Therefore, could this be the key to enlightenment? Is it possible to be in the moment completely without allowing the mind to interfere? However, it seems that the mind differentiates between simply manifesting life energy consciousness and being aware of consciousness.

Does the mind assume that it is conscious due to conditioned thoughts and behavior? There is a fine edge between where and when object consciousness stops and where and when universal consciousness is readily accessible. The two are actually one but the mind chooses to label them as separate. We are standing on the threshold of this transformation from object form consciousness to universal consciousness in every moment. Moreover, the key to experiencing universal consciousness is perhaps found in being the consciousness itself instead of “thinking” that we are the consciousness. It is an interesting insight to consider.

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