A Couch by Any Other Name

Are you familiar with the play Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare offers universal wisdom within this play. Similarly, a quotation from this play shares profound insight into the essence of being. A rose by any other name indicates that things are as they are in this moment. Call anything any name you wish. You can assume much. Thus, label and define everything. But, everything is what it is now. Regardless, if this is a person, thing, or situation. I often reflect on Shakespeare’s insight and this quote is a helpful signpost in the process of conscious living. The depth of this insight became obvious to me last week after the delivery of a new couch.


The couch was heavier than most (as least that’s what I told myself 😊). But, I got the sofa inside the apartment with help from a friend. However, a surprise came after unpacking the boxes. The furniture company sent two sofa components that do not fit together. I stood back in awe and considered the situation. Thoughts and feelings of disappointment, sadness, and frustration initially overcame me. Fortunately, it was obvious that this was the mind’s attempt to distract me. Thus, I simply acknowledged these thoughts and feelings. But, it did not seem necessary to attach my state of being to this circumstance nor any particular thought.

A Couch Is Always Just a Couch

Accordingly, the simplicity and true essence of the moment suddenly became clear. The couch was simply what it was. This next signpost might be helpful to you. Within presence, there is always a thing, thought, person, or feeling. But any given detail has nothing to do with being conscious of living or simply said, being alive. I can reiterate, with a slight variation. You cannot and will never be the details of any moment. Nonetheless, the mind insists that you are a thought, feeling, or, situation.

So, let’s continue by using my experience with the couch as an example. Perplexity overcame me in the first instant after unpacking the sofa. I quickly became aware. Consciously speaking.  In spite of initial mind interference such as thoughts, frustration, disappointment, etc. Thus, I let go of any attachment. The moment itself was not different. A packed or unpacked couch does not change the isness of now. So, why had I reacted in this way? Because, my aware observation of presence had been on mind details. Instead of conscious awareness. Thus, I became entrapped by mind influences and an association with the details (sofa) within the moment.

Please reflect on my experience and consider a similar situation during your experiences. Now ask yourself the following. Was each experience really that different? Or, were the details of your experiences actually similar? Or, did mind interference taint conscious observation. Thus, these insignificant details overfilled the spaciousness of presence.

Wishing you a great day!


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