Innocence Is Eternal Wisdom

Life is perpetual freshness, in permanent movement, as such, we need to be the same way; childlike innocence is requested by existence, every time, in every circumstance – a priceless purity. – Ilie Cioara


Mr. Cioara shares a timeless truth that illustrates consciously living within the flow of life. There deep within the recesses of your being is an innocence that never fades away. Furthermore, your essence holds the sincerest level of beingness. Therefore, you innately know the difference between existing and living.

Similarly, a young child does not mask the experience of life with false labels, definitions or illusions. A child lives life now. And, so can you. Therefore, acknowledge that existence details within this moment do not truly express the life manifestation that flows through you.

Childhood Innocence on the Path of Life

Do you wish for life to be more colorful and livelier? If yes, please practice attuning unconditional awareness to the vibrations of innocence and consciousness in the universal flow of life. This exercise in conscious awareness is a stepping stone to simplicity and offers vast possibilities. The essence of life illustrates the act of living. Nothing more and nothing less. Consequently, living does not mean that everything must be as you wish or want. Although and surprisingly, everything naturally falls into place when your aware, let go and allow everything to simply be.

How do you establish a harmonious partnership with this innocence of life? Let’s answer this question with a question. How do you experience presence and life? Acknowledge life consciously, accept and allow. Whatever is, is.  Laugh when you feel the urge to laugh or cry and let the tears flow. See the magic in a soap bubble or watch how water suddenly starts to boil in a pot. Look at the universe through the eyes of a child. This will allow you to see the unity within the flow of life and your state of being.  There is an unblemished essence of beingness, life and consciousness in all things. Focus on this unconditional essence of living without the need for additives, such as thoughts or labels.

Suddenly, you experience life with a perspective that observes the true core of your being. Innocence is beautiful, wild and free. Thus, conscious presence knows, trusts and creates in balance with life.


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