Struggle and It Becomes Worse

There are rope knots that tighten when you pull. Sailors and cowboys use such knots. A knot used on a boat or for horses on a farm are examples. This is ideal for practical purposes. But what if you are in the process of consciously awakening. Well the more you listen to the mind and struggle means less awareness to consciousness.


Unfortunately, we still struggle against almost everything. Therefore, the mind-knots just keep getting tighter. Thus, there is no space to breathe or live. We grasp fur air and cling to mind-details. But we don’t truly breathe nor do we truly live. We scuffle along always trying to get more and be more. But more of what? There is not more enlightenment. There can only be consciousness. Not more consciousness. You are you. There cannot be more of you. Not more and not less in any given moment.

Struggle and You Live in Torment

But how we observe everything will truly change how we live. The search for balance, peace, and harmony is similar to standing in a forest. We look for trees. But can’t see them because we only see the forest. Indeed, it is a strange phenomenon. This reminds me of my earlier experiences with bodybuilding. I would mind-focus on an exercise. This caused me to block the body’s nature functions. I would literally forget to breathe during the exercise.

This resulted in an internal body struggle. And, in turn, would cause the mind to react. It would tell me that I was doing the exercise wrong. But the mind was never willing to admit that it was the cause of the confusion and bodily dysfunction.

A tender tree limb or a cattail reed plant (Typha latifolia) will bend but not easily break. This holds true for us. We are physically and mentally capable of moving with the natural flow of life. This is true regardless of our daily shortcomings. Furthermore, it is our natural state of conscious being. Struggle less, allow, and freely live.

“The least amount of mind resistance allows maximum conscious awareness.”



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