Live Absolute in the Flow of Life

Are you alive and is this absolute? Please focus on your state of presence before the mind answers this question for you. The question is not as ridicules as it first seems. Furthermore, it is essential to go beyond the mind and its self-image before answering.


The mind dictates who you are and what you want in any moment. Is this true? It is if you live solely from the mind and conditioned reactions.  Therefore, focus on your relationship to the mind. Does your mind often dominate your state of being? Be honest with yourself before you answer. Usually, the minds behavior is unnecessary for living life in this moment. Please don’t misinterpret this insight. Yes, the mind processes and functions in each moment. But, the endless train of thoughts and feelings coming from the mind are mostly useless in your experience of now. Therefore, this type of mind control does not nurture your sense of being alive. Rather, it restricts your sense of living. Please acknowledge that existing and living are not the same. Therefore, live absolute within the flow of life.

Aliveness is a state of willingness and acceptance to change and to experience living in any moment. To be alive is a respond to living in the flow of life energy.  Yes, it seems that there are drawbacks and difficulties. But, everything is part of the flow and most details you experience are temporary. You live. And, innately you know that you are alive.  Thus, unconditional acceptance of living is much different than existing in the shadows of repetitive mind reactions.

Flow of Life and Absolute Beingness

It is very difficult for the mind to acknowledge the difference between existing or living in a state of aliveness. Nonetheless, you do not need the mind to realize your potential as a conscious being. Life doesn’t determine how you live life. How you live life is your responsibility. This reference is solely to your state of being in any moment. The following insight is very beneficial when you are ready to take this step. I share this often in my writings. And, I will probably share it again and again. “What is your relationship with the mind and your inner universe? This is the key question in consciously awakening to a state of deeper presence.”

This insight may first sound somewhat abstract. However, beyond these words is the gateway to becoming fully conscious of you, being you in this moment. Energy life flow is paramount because it establishes the foundation for physical and conscious evolution. There, within, is the potential for each life-form to consciously awaken. This, in turn, energizes the mysterious realm of universal consciousness.

The process begins with your focused awareness on being alive in this moment. Non-attachment and non-dependency to the details of existing allow you to live, absolutely. Your perception of living will shift more and more as you flow with life. This allows you to experience openness (consciousness) where there was once confinement (mind).

I wish you happiness.


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